Are you interested in online casinos and slots and new to this world of gaming? Ten here is the thing you just need to know. Online casinos are virtual casinos where you play certain games called slots by clicking a button that spin the wheels and you are rewarded when you get three out of five combinations right. This is just about a type of online casino game. There are other kinds of games include video poker, online roulette, etc. Every player has his own set of favourite games. The popularity of online casinos is such that today you have the mobile-friendly version of the online casinos called free slots.

Welcome bonus greets new members of the online casinos

As a new player on registration with the casino online you are offered a £5 Free Casino Online welcome bonus. And this bonus is something which most of the players do not know much about regarding making proper use of this promotional feature. Offering bonuses provides a competitive edge to the online casino website, and there is no shortage of online casinos. Thus to expand and maintain their clientele the casinos come up with promotional tactics which benefit them in the long run. But, how do players benefit from such bonuses?

Players can also benefit from the welcome bonus offered to them provided they learn how to make the most the rewards and learning all about the different kinds of gifts. As a basic rule, all the online casinos offer a welcome bonus to players on registration and on their initial deposits. Some casinos provide at least two to three additional top-up bonuses on depositing cash for the first two or three times. Understanding the terms and conditions about the gifts is very important which vary from one casino to another and also on the kind of bonus offered. Most often again as a promotional tactic or on certain days of a week free spins are provided to players who have fulfilled the particular wagering requirement. And you may never know when you will strike a winning hand by playing the free spins.

The catch behind offering welcome bonuses and things you need to avoid Certain casinos provide bonus only when you deposit amount in your casino bank to use credits for playing games. But other casinos also offer something known as no deposit bonus which means that you will be presented with a bonus without the need to deposit any money. But if you win a game using this bonus amount, then you cannot en-cash your winnings instead you can use them as credits for playing games on the online casinos. Understanding this is very important as some casinos allow you to claim the prize money that you earned using the bonus. If you wish to play and win money without the need to deposit the money, then you have to look for casinos offering the same.