Slot games are a casual and fun choice at casinos. During the days of the traditional casinos, this was the game that casual players turned to, just to have some dose of fun and make a few quick bucks on the side. There was a thrill associated with expecting and looking at where the reel would stop, and this was enough to give them that interest. Unlike other games like BlackJack and Poker, which required extensive planning, slots didn't call for too much thought and hence grew in popularity.

Although the game involved gambling, it was to a minimal extent, and so anyone could attempt it. Also, slots allowed you to play the game with a minimum investment and still enjoy huge wins if luck favoured you. Hence it grew in popularity, and everyone enjoyed the small successes that were a given with this game.

The most entertaining and profitable option in online casinos - Free Spins

This idea is precisely replicated in online casinos, and the principle of play remains the same by giving free spins to the players. The player engages a series of reels and the pictures on them start rotating. When the cycle is completed, the sequence of images that the coils end up at on the pay line is what determines whether the player wins or loses. The usual idea is if all the reels show the same images, you win. Specific sequences are supposed to help you gain more than others. So, it is basically luck, but it isn't too difficult to win either, as there are only so many options that can appear and you are bound to nail it at some point or the other. With smaller wins as well as very notable wins, it is encouraging to go on as you will most likely win something or the other each time you play.

Different varieties in Slot Games

Different casinos offer different types of slot games. Although each of these would be different, with varying images on each one, the principle of operation is basically the same. There are usually 3 or 5 reels on a machine, but in some cases, there may be as many as 7 reels. Although the original slot machines featured just one pay line, this needn't always be the case. More interesting slot games feature up to 3 pay lines.

Depending on the type of game, and the kind of bet you place, you may win either the centre line or the line above or below the centre. You can also place bets on all three lines if you choose to. You can also vary your bet when playing online, to suit your budget. When you put a more significant stake, you win a higher amount. Some slot games also allow you diagonal wins and more multiple slots may offer you anywhere between 5 and 20 pay lines.